dlr Biodiversity Event - Irish Hedgehog Survey Volunteers

Tuesday, August 23, 2022
dlr County
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Date: Sunday, September 11th 2022

Time: 10AM to 12:30PM

Meeting Point: Shanganagh Recycling Centre Car Park

The Irish Hedgehog Survey continues in 2022 and we would like to invite volunteers to help set up and carry out a hedgehog survey in Shanganagh Park and the surrounding area.

This workshop is a practical session led by Elaine from the Irish Hedgehog Survey to go through the survey method, assemble footprint tunnels and plan the survey. Volunteers will set out the footprint tunnels.

Volunteer commitment: Volunteers take part in the workshop and set out the footprint tunnels in the survey area. There will be ten tunnels and they will all need to be checked once a day for 5 days (Monday-Friday).

On the last day, they need to be collected. This can be organised in a couple of ways, either a few volunteers take a couple of tunnels each and they check those ones every day OR the volunteers may decide to take a day or two each and check all 10 tunnels on their days. 

For more information and to book your place as a volunteer on the event please contact: