dlr Biodiversity Event 2021 Feb 15th 7pm – Discovering Hedgehogs

Wednesday, February 10, 2021
dlr County
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dlr’s Biodiversity Officer introduces us to the dlr biodiversity events for 2021. Our first event is a collaboration with NUI Galway and the Irish Hedgehog Survey. Explore the world of hedgehogs – their lifestyle, habits, where to see them and making your garden a hedgehog haven. Spring is just around the corner. Already we see signs of nature waking up  from its winter slumber: Birds are getting busy, plants are beginning to grow. Very soon our hibernating animals will be emerging - including one of our favourite mammals, the hedgehog. You will also hear about the dlr County Hedgehog Survey and how you can help us.


This event is also in association with dlr libraries.

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