dlr becomes an All-Ireland Pollinator Plan Partner

Tuesday, March 19, 2019
dlr County
Intro Text 

dlr are delighted to become an All-Ireland Pollinator Plan Partner. In becoming an All-Ireland Pollinator Plan Partner, Local Authorities agree to support the ethos of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan; to consider the Plan in their policies, plans, and management decisions where possible; to carry out one pollinator-friendly action in the first year of signing up and plan to carry out at least three more within the following five years. 


Local Authority partners will also provide updates on the pollinator actions they have planned, implemented or maintained at the end of each year. With current challenges to the natural world, including Climate Change, the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan offers Local Authorities a way of conserving the free ecosystem services provided by pollinating insects.

dlr have carried out a number of pollinator-friendly actions, including developing Nature Wildlife areas within our landscape management activities, our the Slow to Mow campaign, improving our wildlife corridors, management of conservation meadows in fernhill, reduction of chemical use for weed control, requiring pollinator areas in new developments and providing pollinator workshops for staff and the public. We are working closely with the National Biodiversity Database Centre (NBDC) to promote the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan and will continue to support it.