Active Travel

Plans for active travel solution at Deansgrange progress

Wednesday, December 15, 2021
Intro Text 

• Following further consultation Council commit to Part 8 planning process in Q1 2022
• Emerging preferred route for cycling & walking through part of Deansgrange Cemetery
• Two way road traffic on Deansgrange Road maintained for bus routes, cars

At the Councils December meeting on 13 December, dlr Councillors committed to moving forward towards a Part 8 Planning process on the Deansgrange Road section of the Active School Travel project.  This progress follows additional local consultation with residents’ associations, businesses and individuals during September, October and November, involving face to face and online meetings.

Out of this process an emerging preferred route for segregated cycle lane on Deansgrange road has been identified; involving a proposed new route for cyclists and pedestrians through a short section of Deansgrange Cemetery.

The Part 8 Planning process, which is contained in the Planning & Development Regulations 2001, will allow member of the public and interested parties to view these new proposed plans and put forward their thoughts and submissions to the Council in a new round of consultation. This will inform an executive report on the proposed routes and public submissions. This executive report will then be brought back to the elected Councillors for consideration. It is expected that this process, which will take a number of months, will commence in Q1 2022.

The principle for walking, as well as driving, in Deansgrange Cemetery is already firmly established. There is vehicle access to almost all grave sites and a wide network of internal pathways as well as a recently developed popular walkway linking Hollypark estate with Deansgrange Road. Combined with an existing onsite coffee shop and regular historical walking tours that reveal the unique heritage of the location, Deansgrange Cemetery plays a variety of roles in the local area as well as being the final resting place of loved ones.   

Any plans put forward by the Council for deliberation by the public will ensure that proposals are sensitive and respectful to the needs of all users of the cemetery, to the existing public realm, the heritage of Deansgrange Cemetery and will seek to align both aesthetic and functional considerations.

You can view initial sketches of proposed routes that run inside the cemetery parallel to Deansgrange Road here

We will be announcing commencement dates of the Part 8 Planning process early in 2022. Subject to the outcome of this Part 8 process, works could commence in Q3 2022.

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