dlr to create a safe and inviting public space in Dundrum

Friday, May 29, 2020
Intro Text 

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council and the National Transport Authority are working closing to create an inviting public space that will help to make visiting, shopping or spending time in Dundrum Village a safe and enjoyable experience.  These measures form our response to the Covid-19 crisis and will facilitate safe physical distancing, mobility and support businesses reopening.

In partnership we plan to carry out temporary changes to the public realm and mobility interventions in Dundrum Village, including a temporary one-way traffic system on sections of Main St./Sandyford Road in the village and the reallocation of road space for the safety and benefit of pedestrians, cyclists and local businesses.


The details of the plan are currently being worked on and we envisage that it will be finalised within the next 2 to 3 weeks and it is intended that the temporary changes will begin to be implemented in July 2020. 


The National Transport Authority (NTA) are providing technical and financial support and we have had a level of engagement with the local community, businesses, and Gardaí and will look to engage further over the coming weeks in advance of the temporary measures being implemented.  Given the nature of the temporary mobility interventions needed, it is expected that there will be alterations to certain bus routes, which we are working on closely with the NTA, but these interventions are being planned so as to minimise the impact on public transport serving the village.


The current issues with substantially reduced capacity on public transport, both buses and LUAS, as a result of physical distancing restrictions, is currently having – and will continue to have while we live with Covid-19 and physical distancing -  a significant impact on those wishing to travel to and around Dundrum Village and dlr, supported by the NTA, intends to carry out temporary mobility interventions to promote the switch to active modes of walking and cycling to help meet the critical transport needs for Dundrum Village, in order to support the reopening of society and business, as we recover from the impact of Covid-19.


We are actively looking at other villages and locations within dlr and engaging with communities and businesses whereby we can improve our public realm in order to allow our citizens to move around safely, to shop, rest and enjoy our public spaces.