Misuse of Disabled Parking Spaces

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
dlr County
Intro Text 

For many people with disabilities, access to accessible parking is an essential lifeline.  Not only are accessible spaces situated in a convenient location, close to shops, churchs, banks, etc.but they are also larger than other parking spaces.  When accessible parking spaces are not available, motorists with disabilities may not be able to operate a passenger lift, open a door wide enough to enable transferring in and out of the vehicle, or get access to a mobility aid.

The Council's Parking Control and Traffic Sections, in conjunction with the DLR Disability & Consultation Group (DCG) have agreed to pilot a 'Report Misuse' Scheme for six months, within the Dun Laoghaire town centre area, commencing 1st May 2018.

Four Disabled Bays have been identified for the purpose of the pilot:

  • Bay 1 (Lower Marine Road)
  • Bay 2 (Outside Mc Donalds)
  • Bay 3 (outside Bloomfield)
  • Bay 4 (outside Bloomfield)

Appropriate signage is being erected at each bay location and members of the public will be able to send a simple text message (details on signage)  to the Council's Parking Control Contractor, alerting them to alleged misuse of the particular bay in question. This will then be investigated by the Warden as soon as possible.


Permit holders terms and conditions

  • The Parking Permit is for the sole use of the driver / passenger it has been issued to.
  • The Parking Permit is only to be used in a vehicle in which the Parking Permit holder is either the driver or the passenger.

Permit display terms and conditions

When the Disabled Parking Permit is in use, it must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle so that the card’s expiry date, serial number and wheelchair symbol is clearly visible from outside of the vehicle.

A Parking Permit holder is legally obliged to present their card for examination by an Garda Siochana and Traffic Wardens.

Photocopies of a Disabled Parking Permit are not permitted for display when parking as they are invalid.