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dlr Future Woodland Projects

Wednesday, February 2, 2022
dlr County
Intro Text 

dlr Parks intend to create community woodlands across the county with tree planting projects of all different sizes. These will be local, planted and looked after by local volunteers, with native trees. These woodlands will range from micro woodlands (10m x 10m) to more substantial areas of 1 hectare (ha).

We are starting this project, subject to the issue of a license with our largest available area in Fernhill Park and Gardens, Stepaside. Here we have an area of 1.5 hectares which was once fenced from deer and setbacks include that we can plant a 1 hectare mix of native trees.

This is a project where we can all make a measureable difference in our local areas to reduce the effects of climate change. We will be able to assess many of the benefits that the trees will provide using a program called i-trees, including carbon sequestration and storage. If the license is granted, we will look for volunteers (individuals, schools, voluntary and community groups) to participate in community planting days.

Further updates will be shared as they become available online and at the woodland location.

Details of the license application may be inspected using the Department's Forestry License Viewer