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Dún Laoghaire Pedestrianisation Update: 13% Increase In Footfall

Wednesday, August 25, 2021
Dun Laoghaire
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More people on street providing businesses with more opportunity 

Pedestrianisation in place until 30 September 

The trial pedestrianisation of a section of Lower George’s Street commenced 5th July 2021 with the closure of the street from the junction with Patrick St. as far as St. Michael’s Hospital. The side roads at Convent Road and Sussex Street were also closed, as was the egress from Convent Lane which became two-way for deliveries and access only.

A number of works were also carried out. These included:
• Placing planters with trees and underplanting throughout the zone
• Providing seating and picnic tables
Licensing of outdoor dining for hospitality and other businesses along the stretch
• Extensive cleansing routines established including daily washing and extra bin capacity
• Installation of air quality and noise monitors

While pedestrian movements have been relatively consistent at the two locations outside of the pedestrian zone, Lower George’s St has seen a 13% increase in footfall between June and July. This highlights the increase in movements from 239,952 in June to 277,341 in July on the street.

As seen by our video series with businesses on Lower George's Street this initiative has resulted in many benefits, both for business owners and customers in the area.

Businesses now have the opportunity to increase their seating capacity and serve customers outdoors which has mutual benefits, both from an economic and public health perspective. The increased flora and fauna on the street is evident by the increase in foliage and prescene of bees in the area which also adds an ecological benefit too.

This project has enhanced the atmosphere and vibrancy of the street whilst not compromising on efficiency and practicality. This project also reduced emissions and increased air quality in the area.

The next phase will see the impact of the return to school on the pedestrian zone and the surrounding streets. The team are liaising with the Dominican School in this regard.

Behaviour & Attitudes have been commissioned to carry out a survey with businesses and pedestrians in the zone over the next two weeks. Businesses in close proximity to the zone will also be surveyed. A further survey of local residents will also take place in early September.

The trial ends on 30th September 2021.