€100,000 secured in funding for Stepaside Community Garden

Friday, October 5, 2018
Intro Text 

dlr are delighted to announce that it has secured €100,000 in funding to assist in developing a Community Garden in Fernhill Park and Garden in the beautiful location of Stepaside Village. 

Fernhill is an 82 acre Victorian Estate that is currently being developed as a public park. The creation of a Community Garden in the public park will directly benefit all the local people in the area and will foster a strong community spirit as it will be a place where everyone can come and interact in a nurturing and pleasant environment.  

Our aim is to create a space whereby locals can meet their neighbours whilst also raising awareness about the environment, and the need to protect local flora and fauna and of course sustainable food production, that can be sold in the Café on the grounds of the Park.


Ruairi O'Dulaing, Chief of Parks, dlr commented:

This new and innovative Communty Garden will replace what was once a Victorian Kitchen Garden which had become dilapidated over time. Our mission in partnership with the local community is to renovate the entire area, refurbish the glass house structures,which will in turn create facilties for potting up new plants, and housing other tender plants. 


The Community Garden is in the early stages of development and our aim with the funding is to honour the old village charactor, maintain a connection with the landscape and foster a strong sense of local community spirit.