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Cleaning of the roads and footpaths within the county is the responsibility of DLR Cleansing Section, with approximately 2,500 tonnes of waste per year collected.

Road Sweeping is carried out in accordance with the schedules set out below, with the aim being to sweep villages daily, cycle lanes once per week, main traffic routes fortnightly, and estate roads once per month. Please note that during Autumn or for operational reasons such as requirements for traffic management, this frequency of sweeping cannot always be achieved. 

Any queries regarding sweeping or requests for emergency sweeping can be made by contacting the Civic Hub on 01 205 4700, or emailing

Please see the cycle lane sweeping schedule below:

Cycle Lane Sweeping Schedule 

Refer to the calendar and schedule below to find out when your road is due to be swept. First select the appropriate PDF with the initial of the Street Name you are querying. This will tell you what week number in the schedule that sweeping will take place. Then refer to the calendar to find the relevant weeks in the year that sweeping is scheduled for the road in question. 

Road Sweeping Calendar