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Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council leases properties from private property owners in the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown area, which will be used to accommodate people in need of social housing and on the social housing list.  

In assessing the suitability of a property for leasing, the Council will consider the demand for social housing in the area and the objective of achieving a sustainable community i.e. a good balance of mixed income, mixed tenure households.

If you have a one, two, three or four bedroom house or apartment in good condition, which complies with standards, and which you are considering letting, please note the following benefits of long term leasing:

  • A guaranteed rental income paid in advance
  • No tenancy Management
  •  No day to day maintenance costs
  •  No rent collection, arrears or void periods
  • No advertising costs or/and tenancy fees
  • Long term Lease arrangements of 10 to 20 years


No. Under the long term leasing arrangement the property can be sold by the property owner during the term but only on the condition that the lease agreement is transferred to the new owner and the Local Authority is notified in advance and is in agreement.
Once it is within the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council administrative area the Council will accept your application.
Within one week. The property will be inspected and if deemed suitable for leasing by our inspection the Council will then enter into negotiations with you in respect of rental terms.
The lease would be for 10 to 20 years and will be agreed between the owner and the Council.
The rent will be paid quarterly in advance by electronic transfer directly into a bank account. Please note that, if the owner is living outside or Ireland, the rental income is subject to withholding tax. Further details on this aspect are available on www.revenue.ie.
Every 3-4yrs in accordance with the lease agreement, even if rents go up or down.
Yes. Written consent is required from your lender.

Yes, please see list below.

Schedule of Furnishings and Appliances
-Appropriate Floor Covering (in good condition)
-Blinds/Curtains (in good condition)
-Cooker (in good working order)
-Hood Extractor (in good working order)
-Refrigerator / Freezer (in good working order)
-Washing Machine (in good working order)
Living Room
-Floor Covering(s) (in good condition)
-Suite of furniture (appropriate to room size and in good 
-Blinds/Curtains (in good condition)
Dining Room
-Floor Covering(s) (in good condition)
-Table & Chairs (appropriate to property size and in good 
-Blinds/Curtains (in good condition)
Bedroom 1
-Floor Covering(s) (in good condition)
-Bed/Mattress (appropriate to room size, new/fairly new)
-Blinds/Curtains (in good condition)
-Wardrobe (appropriate to room size and in good condition)
Bedroom 2
-Floor Covering(s) (in good condition)
-Bed/Mattress (appropriate to room size, new/fairly new)
-Blinds/Curtains (in good condition)
-Wardrobe (appropriate to room size and in good condition)
Bedroom 3
-Floor Covering(s) (in good condition)
-Bed/Mattress (appropriate to room size, new/fairly new)
-Blinds/Curtains (in good condition)
-Wardrobe (appropriate to room size and in good condition)
-Appropriate Floor Coverings (in good condition)
-Bathroom Cabinet (in good condition)
-Shower screen/curtain (in good condition)
-Blinds/Curtains (in good condition)

The Council will have the responsibility for dealing with anti-social behaviour.



The Council will require a description of the property as well as documents such as the BER (Building Energy Rating), Valid Tax Clearance Certificate and Bank details. Proof of ownership will also be a requirement as will permission for the lender if applicable. A full list of required documents will be provided to the owner in advance of signing of lease.
Yes. However payments may be terminated in circumstances where a landlord is in breach of his/her obligations under the term of the lease 
The rent equal to 80% of the current market rent.
The Council will determine the assessment of need for housing in line with the Council's 'Sustainable Communities Objectives'. It would then be subject to the suitability of your property to meet our needs and the condition of your property, agreement of rent,  production of the various pieces of information requested e.g. BER Cert and conditions of lease.
The person(s) allocated the property in the case of houses and the Management Company in the case of apartments.
The Council takes responsibility to manage the tenancy and to manage and maintain the property. 
The owner of the property will retain responsibility for structural maintenance, structural insurance and structural repair.
The management fees remain the responsibility of the owner of the property.
Applicants will be allocated from the Council‟s Housing Allocations list.
Properties must be of a very good to excellent standard and condition. 
During the negotiation process the Council will arrange an inspection of 
the property to ascertain its suitability for inclusion under lease 
arrangements. It will be inspected to confirm that the property meets 
very high structural and decorative standards. Properties must comply 
with the Housing (Standards for Rented Houses Regulations 2008) and 
also with all planning and Building Regulation.
In some instances the property owner may agree with the Local Authority to include an "option to purchase‟ and/or a “right of first refusal” as a condition of the lease. These clauses give the Local Authority the option to buy the property at intervals during or at the end of the lease or oblige the owner to first offer the property to the Council should he/she decide to sell. Both parties must be in agreement to include this condition and the specific terms must be negotiated.