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COVID-19 Change of Circumstances

In line with our Differential Rent Scheme, if your income is less due to COVID-19, please send in any of the following pieces of information and we will review your rent;

1. a receipt for a COVID-19 social welfare payment


2. a letter from social welfare regarding a COVID-19 social welfare payment


3. a letter from your employer with details of your reduced payments or no payments

If you are self-employed and no longer earning, please submit items 1 or 2 above.

Your information can be emailed to or posted to:

Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, County Hall, Marine Road, Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin. 

Please call 01 205 4841 if you need more information.

Your rent will be reviewed as soon as possible and any credit you are owed will be added to your account. Please continue to pay your rent.  The income received from rent helps us to provide services to you and your family.

Annual Rent Assessment

Any 2020 household information forms that have not yet been returned to us, must still be completed. 

When you submit supporting documentation, please provide recent payslips, your end of year Revenue statement and/or Social Welfare receipts. Due to COVID-19 and in line with social distancing, you do not need to have your forms stamped by employers or the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection at this time. 

Your rent is calculated using a system called ‘differential rents’. This means that the amount of rent you pay will depend on the total income of your household and the size of your household. If your income increases so does your rent, and if your income decreases, the weekly rent decreases accordingly.

This approach is set out in our current Differential Rent Scheme.

Click here to download a copy of the current Differential Rent Scheme

It is very important that you complete the household information form correctly each year and supply us with up to date income details for all members of your household. This allows us to calculate a weekly rent that is worked out from the income details provided.

Please click here to download the latest "Household Information Form"

You should tell us straight away if there is a change in income details for any member of your household during the year. If you wait to do this, back dated rent may be applied to your account.

Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions about housing rents.


  • Yes, it is a requirement of your tenancy agreement
  • It is very important that tenants fill in the household information form correctly each year and supply us with current income details for all members of the household. This enables us to calculate a weekly rent which is accurate based on the income details provided.
  • The Council should be notified immediately if there is a change in income details of any member of the household during the year. If there is a delay in doing this back dated debits may be applied to your account.

Please see link to “household information form”

  • A balance can be given over the phone or via email to the tenant of the property only. Please phone 01 2054841 or email
  • Please note that we can only discuss tenancy matters with the named tenant of the property, unless an agreement is in place for a third party to act/speak on the tenant’s behalf
  • A statement is issued to tenants every three months. Tenants can check their receipts/payments against this statement. Copies of rent statements can be issued on request.
  • It is possible to pay your rent through the Household Budget deduction scheme for those on Social Welfare payments. Deductions may  not exceed  25% of income (contact Housing Rents on 01 2054841 or email  for further details)
  • By using a DLR payment card, which is accepted in all Post Offices and shops which display the PostPoint sign, or online at Please note that when paying online you must enter the 6 digit number on your rent card when asked for a reference.
  • By using a standing order through your bank. Standing order letters are available from Housing Rents by contacting 01 2054841
  • By cheque, postal order or bank draft

No one can move into a property without notifying and receiving permission from the Housing Department (Allocations). If anyone is planning to move into a Council property they should contact Housing Allocations on 01 2054828 to obtain a Permission to Reside form. Please be aware that the weekly rent may increase with the addition of an extra person and this additional rent will be back-dated to when the person moved in.

  • Please notify the Housing Department immediately if a member of your household moves out
  • Documentary evidence of change of address (e.g. lease agreement, utility bill etc.) must be provided to remove an occupant from the rent account 
  • Please contact the Housing Rents section on 01 2054841 or email and we can post out a replacement card
  • You can also call in person at the housing counter (County Hall, Marine Road, Dun Laoghaire), Monday – Friday 10am until 4pm and a replacement card can be issued.
  • We also have an office in Dundrum, Rear Bank of Ireland, Main Street, Dundrum, Dublin 14.
  • The opening hours are 9.30am - 4.30pm
  • Tenants who find themselves in arrears should not ignore the problem
  • Arrears should be paid immediately
  • If it is not possible to pay the arrears immediately tenants should contact the rent arrears section as soon as possible by phoning 01 2054841 or via email to discuss a repayment plan.
  •  If a repayment plan is put in place to pay the rent and arrears over a period of time this agreement must be adhered to.
  • Please note that if arrears persist the Council may be forced to initiate legal proceedings  to repossess the property.