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Up to 30% of our homes that become available for allocation will be available to households who have been approved for a transfer. This is in line with our Housing Allocation Scheme.

If you have completed 3 years tenancy with us, you will be allowed to apply to be on our medical/overcrowding transfer lists, if you meet either of the following criteria:

(a)      Living in an overcrowded home in line with the terms of our Scheme of Letting Priorities. To qualify for a transfer on overcrowding grounds:

• The household must be making best use of their home that they currently occupy, so that the overcrowding is unavoidable.
• A person in a household under the age of 10 years is unavoidably sleeping in the same room as a person of the opposite sex over the age of 10 years.
• A parent is unavoidably sleeping in the same room as one or more of their children.

(b)      You have a medical condition that our Medical Adjudicator has given 5 or more medical points.

Mutual transfers may also be allowed between tenants with similar homes and in cases where a transfer allows for a better use of the home.  We can consider applications for mutual transfer from tenants of homes of different sizes in certain circumstances.

In all cases, an offer of transfer to alternative housing will only be made where:

I. The rent and service charges accounts are clear.
II. The home being left is in a good state of repair and decoration.
III. The household concerned is, as far as we are aware, not anti-social.

For more information contact our Housing Allocations Section on


We actively promote ‘downsizing’ for our existing tenants who find that their current housing is too big for their needs.

Priority is given to tenants seeking to ‘downsize’ and every effort is made to find a more suitable smaller home for them to move to. 

This process helps us to make better use of our housing stock as we can reallocate the larger homes returned to us, to families on our housing list. In return, tenants who downsize get a more manageable place to live in their local community.

If you would like to register your interest in downsizing, please complete and return the downsizing application form to:

Housing Allocations,
Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council
County Hall, Marine Road
Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin