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One third of our bee species are threatened with extinction from Ireland. We know it’s because we have drastically reduced the areas where they can nest and the amount of food our landscape provides for them. We can stand back and watch the problem happen, or we can try to do something.

This message from the Pollinator Plan Project highlights that our bees need some assistance and we all can take part in saving our pollinators who provide a valuable service to us.

dlr support the Pollinator Plan and wish to encourage everyone to carry out pollinator friendly actions in all areas, our staff have carried out a number of actions such as planting bee friendly areas in our parks, creating wild meadows, keeping bee hives, and providing information to the public through local community groups, Tidy Towns etc.

Pollinator Workshop September 30th 2017

This pollinator workshop will take place in Marlay Park and Marlay House from 11am - 2pm on September 30th and is open to the public. The event line-up is as follows 

  • All Ireland Pollinator Plan: How we can all help to save our Bees - by Juanita Browne, Project Officer with the All Ireland Pollinator Plan, coordinated by the National Biodiversity Data Centre.
  • How humans have affected bees - by Laura Russo - by Postdoctural Researcher Trinity College Dublin
  • Bees and Bee hives - by Mary Mantaut, Irish Bee Keepers Association
  • Short Video on Pollinators - by Nessa Darcy

The talks will be followed by a workshop of discussions:

  • Workshop encouraging public participation  - sharing your ideas - by you the public
  • Activities for Children by OWLS - the Childrens Nature Charity from 11am onwards.
All bee photos on this webpage were taken and supplied by Ruaírí O'Dulaing Parks Section DLR