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Would your group benefit from financial support from Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council?

Following the success of the initial Round of the dlr Grants Scheme 2021, it has now been decided to provide a Round 2 of the Scheme.

So if you missed out on the initial 2021 Scheme now is your chance to apply for funding for your local scheme or project!

The dlr Grants Scheme 2021 (Round 2) is designed to support community based initiatives which promote growth and development. There is a specific new category in this round whos focus is on Women in Sport.

The Scheme covers the area of Community, Women in Sports, Events, Heritage, Environment, Arts and Business Area Promotion in the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown area.

As we are all aware the impact of COVID continues to affect every day life. Planned events and initiatives at all levels and in all areas of our community, like society as whole, continue to be very significantly affected. The ongoing pandemic will likely have an impact on initiatives, events and festivals during the course of 2021 but we are also aware of the resilience and flexibility of all our community groups and the many innovative ways that they have kept their programmes and events running as much as practicable. In times such as these, it is all the more important that the Council continue to support our communities. 

The dlr Grants Scheme 2021 (Round 2) opens on 15 March and the latest date for receipt of applications is the 23rd April

Applications can be made on the dlr Grants Scheme portal here