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Councillors in Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council recently adopted a new Corporate Plan for 2020-2024. The Plan was developed following extensive consultation in 2019 with the public, community groups, local citizen interest organisations, business groups, Council staff, Councillors and other stakeholders. The aim was to gather as wide a view as possible on what aspirations people had for their County. Following this consultation period, the Corporate Plan was drafted and developed, taking on board existing council plans, public consultation views and relevant legislation. The Plan is much more than just another Council document; it provides a strategic framework for the Councils vision for the County, it’s goals for the next five years and the core values which will guide the Councils work over the lifetime of the Plan. It is available to read here at or at any one of our local libraries.
The Vision for the County:
Creating a progressive and vibrant County that is attractive, inclusive and accessible for everyone
The following themes emerged as priorities over the course of the consultation period informing the specific Corporate Goals of the Council.
• Enriching quality of life through vibrant communities, housing and amenities
• A leader in environmental protection and climate action
• Embracing change and delivering excellent public service
• Supporting and fostering a resilient local economy

The eight specific Corporate Goals that the Council has adopted are aimed at enhancing quality of life and maximising opportunity in the County and we will achieve these corporate goals by working and collaborating effectively in tandem with our vision for the County.


1. Showing leadership in protecting the environment through education and in how we work.

2. Facilitate the development of a variety of housing options enabling improved choice, that drives quality of life for all.

3. Enhance people’s lives through access to sustainable travel choices across our network of communities.

4. Provide quality community, recreational, sporting and cultural opportunities for all who live, work and visit the County.

5. Enhance the vitality of our town and villages while preserving our natural and built heritage.

6. Engage with businesses to support their presence and growth in the County.

7. Promote equality and human rights by implementing the Public Sector Equality and Human Rights Duty.

8. Optimise human, financial and physical resources to deliver accessible customer focused quality services.

Delivering on our corporate priorities will give everyone in our communities, irrespective of age or ability, the opportunity to live life to the full; connecting, participating and experiencing wellbeing. This Corporate Plan is your plan, informed by you and your aspirations for your County.