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'New Life' this Spring

With the start of spring, we’re bringing you a new an hopeful theme: New Life. During the next few months our online and in-person activities will focus on exploring this idea of re-emerging, starting out, and blossoming. We’ll also use this theme to give our artists and you some time to think about life that continues after death and grief.

It’s been a difficult few years and you’re invited to join us to think about emerging from them through creativity.

We’ll continue our online projects started with the previous theme; the illustration commission to accompany this theme is created by Conor Nolan, a Dublin-based illustrator who brought some of his own views on a living city. Watch out on the next few months for his bold shapes and humorous depictions of the world around us.

Also continuing is our hashtag #dlrLens. During 2022 we’re working with local photographers to create a weekly response to our theme. Lookout for Doreen Kennedy’s deep takes on the 'New Life' theme through photographic work on our social media channels starting Saturday 9th April, tagged with #dlrLens and #dlrLens_NewLife. Feel free to join in, post your own creations, and tag them.

Follow us for news of more activities responding to this theme, coming soon.

Conor Nolan is an illustrator, printmaker and designer currently based in Dublin. You can spot Conor’s work through its bold shapes and bright, limited colour palettes inspired by the aesthetics of screen printing, risograph printing and collage. Conor’s work consists of a variety of characters and motifs, with interesting expressions, and often a touch of humour.

Doreen Kennedy is a visual artist working with photography, installation and film. She lives and works in Dun Laoghaire. Her photography has been published in Variety, The Times, Bloomberg News, The Guardian, The Hollywood Reporter, The Globe and Mail, Huffington Post, Liberation News, Arte Deutschland, Marie Claire and Focus News.

Her work has been exhibited at the National Botanic Gardens, Dublin; Art in Odd Places, New York; The Courthouse Arts Centre, Wicklow, The Belfast Photo Festival; The Kenny Gallery, Galway; Bank of Ireland Arts Centre, Dublin; The Electric Picnic Festival and The Olympia Theatre, Dublin. 'Grace Alone' was her first film as a Director and was selected for 2020 Catalyst International Film Festival; the Brief Encounters WFT Ireland screening at IFI Dublin; the 2021 Irish Film Festival Boston, 17th Annual SF Irish Film Festival September 2021 San Francisco and British & Irish Film Festival Luxembourg 2021. More details at


The 2022 programme and themes are organised by dlr LexIcon’s new Gallery Learning Programme Co-ordinator, Moran Been-noon. Moran is a Dublin-based independent curator and visual artist. As a curator she is primarily interested in multi-platform group exhibitions. Her current focus is on feminist artwork created on the spectrum between contemporary art practice, and traditionally-feminine creative crafts. Moran is also a co-founder of, an Ireland-wide network which amplifies the voices of artists based on the island of Ireland who self-identify as women or minority genders, from underrepresented cultural or ethnic backgrounds. More details at