Recreational Facilities

Where is the Location of the Marlay Park Changing Places Facility?

The facility is through the archway in the Marlay Park Courtyard


How do I gain access to the Marlay Park Changing Places Facility

There is a universal key available that works for Changing Places facilities and other accessible WCs or you can access a key at Brambles (Boland’s) Coffee Shop. Opening hours: 9am - 5.30pm. 

The Universal Key supplier is Williams Locksmith, 8 Whitefriars, Aungier Street, Dublin 2

What is the Marlay Park Changing Places Facility?

This facility is an enhanced accessible toilet that has many features and additional equipment that make them even more accessible than the standard accessible toilets. It has 12m² of floor space, and include both a full room coverage ceiling track hoist, a centrally located toilet bowl with space either side for transfers or assistants, and a height-adjustable adult sized changing bench.

The facility has been designed to enhance the health, safety, comfort and dignity of someone who may need extra support and additional equipment during personal care tasks.



Do you accept Seasonal Vendors?

Yes. Seasonal applications are for 3 months and applicants can only trade once in 12 month period.  Seasonal applications are only for  produce or products that have a seasonal growing or/and seasonal selling periods, such as fresh fruits and berries in the summer months and Christmas themed products in the winter.

If you are a seasonal vendor please specify which season you are applying for.

Will I be the only vendor selling my product?

We encourage healthy competition in our markets so we can not guarantee you will be the only vendor selling a specific product; however, we endeavour not to have too many vendors selling any one product so every vendor will have a share of the custom. 

Do you supply any equipment (tables, umbrella, gazebo, etc)?

No. We do not provide any equipment. The market managers can advise you on the suitability of any umbrellas/gazebos for use in the market once you have been offered a space.