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Members of the public wishing to report particular incidents of environmental pollution and nuisance to the Council are requested to use the Environmental Complaints Form.


This form is specifically intended for complaints that involve incidents of air and noise pollution or nuisance, in addition to illegal dumping and collection of waste, and associated activities.

Please note that the Complaints Form is not intended or suitable for either general littering complaints, which should be reported directly to the Litter Section at (01) 205 4817, or incidents involving water pollution, which should be referred directly to the Water & Drainage Section, at  (01) 205 4800.

Please ensure that the Complaints Form is fully completed, and includes all contact details as requested, before submitting it to the Enforcement Section. Additional information, such as photographs or maps, may also be included with the form.

As a general rule, the Enforcement Section does not investigate anonymous complaints. However, all personal details will be treated as confidential by the Council, if so requested by the complainant. Please ensure the appropriate box on the form is ticked, should you wish to prevent your identity being disclosed to a third party.