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For those of you with a garden, home composting is a great way to reduce your bin charges, reduce waste filling up our landfill sites and benefit your garden by producing valuable compost to help your plants grow and reduce the need to use artificial fertilisers.

Please be sure to only add organic products such as leaves, grass cuttings, vegetable peelings, egg boxes, branches, but avoid cooked food and dairy products as these can attract vermin.

A compost heap should have equal amounts of browns and greens added to the compost to keep it working properly.  The compost mix should be moist to touch, if its too dry you will need to add water as some moisture is vital to the success of composting.  Here is a list of Greens and Browns:



Cardboard (Shredded) Vegetable Peelings
Paper towels Fruit
Leaves / Branches Grass Cuttings
Vacuum dust Tea Leaves
Pet and Human Hair Weeds

Please don't put anything inorganic, such as plastics or metals into the compost heap.

A compost heap is ready when the mixture is crumbly brown with no unpleasant smell, this usually takes roughly 1-2 years.