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Do not supply your household waste for burning in a bonfire or hand over waste material to any unauthorised waste collector - You could be liable for a fine of up to €4,000.

Anyone caught dumping waste in an open area can also be fined €150 under the Litter Pollution Act.  You can report instances of dumping to 1800 403 503 or 01 677 8844 (out of hours).

  • Bonfire burning is a very serious threat to public health and the environment
  • Smoke from burning wastes can contain hazardous chemicals including sulphur dioxide, lead, mercury, arsenic and carbon monoxide
  • Remember, it affects everyone and everything in your neighbourhood: children, the elderly, pets and other animals
  • Some health effects include: skin rashes, cancers, asthma and people with respiratory conditions can be especially vulnerable
  • Wastes such as aerosols, pressurised containers and flammable substances can explode and injure bystanders and damage nearby properties
  • Children can swallow toxic material from dirt on their hands while playing near ash residue
  • Bonfires contribute to anti social behaviour
  • Clean up costs are substantial