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Dún Laoghaire/Rathdown County Council supports an environmental awareness programme for businesses. The Green Business Officer is available to offer advice and discuss options on how your business impacts on the environment and actions you can take to reduce these impacts.

To contact the Green Business Officer, please   e-mail mcoles@dlrcoco.ie or telephone (01) 205 4846.

€coMerit Programme

€coMerit is a three year environmental improvement programme that can help small, medium and large organisations save money by looking closely at energy, water and waste costs and finding cost-efficient ways of reducing them. For case studies and more information log on to https://ecomerit.ie/

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland offers 3 Green Programmes to their clients, characterised by increasing levels of capability in and adoption of Green Business principles.

The Green Start programme is designed to increase the level of environmental awareness of regulatory compliance and developments in Green markets in companies who have no in-house expertise or exposure to environmental issues.  

Green Plus is designed to build on Green Start and to assist companies develop products and services to a level where they comply with specific Green Procurement requirements. This can involve the implementation of environmental standards, improvements in products or processes, installing a carbon management strategy or applying for Eco-labels. 

Green Transform is designed for companies who have maximised their energy efficiency or reduced their carbon footprint. Support is based on Capital being made available for proposed company expansion plans.

For more details please e-mail declan.white@enterprise-ireland.com or log onto enterprise-ireland.com


Useful Links For Businesses 

Greenbusiness.ie offers Irish businesses free impartial advice on improving resource efficiency through reducing the wastage of materials, consumables, water and energy. For more information go to greenbusiness.ie

FreeTrade Ireland allows businesses to pass on unwanted items to other businesses or users free of charge. For further information, please go to www.freetradeireland.ie.