Intro Text 

The Annual National Spring Clean takes place in the month of April.

  • Groups carrying out a cleanup must register in advance with the Council by email or by phone with a date and location for the waste to be collected.
  • Free cleanup materials can be collected from the Council's Dundrum or Dun Laoghaire offices. Bags, gloves and pickers will be provided.
  • Please note that all recyclables such as glass and cans, collected during a cleanup, should be taken to the local bring banks for recycling. Recyclable Waste will not be picked up under this project.
  • Green waste collected should be taken to Ballyogan Recycling Park for recycling. Green waste will not be collected under this project.
  • Only waste in the Blue Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council clean up bags will be collected. These bags are registered to your Residents Association / Tidy Towns Group. Please note that waste presented in bags that are not provided by the Council will not be collected.
  • The Council does not collect bags of leaves.