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Our Energy Team are committed to building a more sustainable and energy efficiency County through a range of innovative energy projects and were named Energy Team of the Year 2021 by the SEAI. We are working to reduce dependence on fossil fuels through promotion of renewables and encourage planning of energy networks into the future to allow for viable businesses, industry, schools, homes and travel into the future  - read more here

We promote IS399: 2014 Energy Efficient Design at the earliest stage of design to ensure proper consideration and costing of energy efficiency design. Under the County Development Plan we were committed to producing a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP) within a lifetime of the CDP. However since becoming a member of EU wide Covenant of Mayors, Climate and Energy (December 2016) we have upgraded this to produce a Sustainable Energy & Climate Action Plan (SECAP) and are committed to reduction of 40% CO2 emission by 2030 across dlr County. See the Climate Action Plan here.

To encourage energy efficient design in the county and beyond, the Energy Team held presentations on Home Energy Upgrades which were delivered in Dún Laoghaire County Hall's Council Chamber in October 2022, as part of the Open House Dublin architecture festival. These presentations can be view on the dlr Youtube channel at

2021 SEAI - Energy Team of the Year Winner. (dlr announced at approximately 40:25) 

2019 SEAI - Public Sector Winner for George's Place: Rapid Delivery Housing. Follow the link to see a short video presentation on the scheme by Bob Hannan, Senior Architect DLR CoCo.





We are working to improve energy performance by lowering the CO2 emissions and aggregate energy consumption across the County through promotion of new build to near Zero Energy Build (nZEB), Passive House or equivalent standards. Both standards emphasise on-site care and quality assurance to ensure effective airtightness and on-site attention to detail and trade training. Please see our Exemplar Projects.

We support the development of green businesses in conjunction with DLR Green Business Officer & Local Enterprise Office.  

We support Smart Dublin and roll-out of Smart City Projects.

​Check out our Energy Policy (in related documents) which covers our corporate energy usage. We also have an energy management system which is across 120 buildings, 23,500 public lights and our 300 fleet.

We are maintaining an Energy Management System (EnMS) compliant to International Standard ISO50001: 2018 across DLR's corporate energy load. Our objective of improving our energy consumption performance by 33% by 2020 from our baseline of 2009 was achieved early with over 37% improvement in 2019. We are now pursuing our 2030 target of a 50% absolute reduction, which means even as our services expand, our energy consumption must continue to fall. Our Energy Management System is across our entire energy corporate load which includes 120 buildings, over 23,500 public lights, and 300 fleet. In compliance with ISO50001, DLR's EnMS focuses on its Significant Energy Users (SEUs) Public Lighting, County Hall, 1 Harbour Square, LexIcon, Ballyogan Operations Centre and the four Leisure Centres.

We actively engage with Government Departments, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), Codema and other stakeholders for energy improvement.