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What is a Letter of Consent and what does it cover?


A letter of consent is part of the pre-planning process.  It gives the applicant permission to submit a planning application that includes Council lands, it does NOT give the applicant ownership to the land.  

If a planning application is approved which includes Council lands, prior to commencement of development, the applicant must enter into an agreement with the Council for the sale of the land.  Please see the Buy Council Land/ Property tab.


What is the Letter of Consent Process?

  1. Applicant must submit description of proposed development and map outlining site.
  2. The Property Management team confirm ownership of the lands in question, review the Zoning as defined in the current Development Plan, and any other relevant Council policy documents.
  3. The application is then circulated to the relevant service departments within the Council to review.
  4. If no objections are received within the specified time frame, the application is put before Senior Management for final approval.
  5. Once approval is received the client is issued with an official Letter of Consent, which remains in force for 28 days.