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What is required to make a land ownership enquiry?

Requests should be received in writing and it is vital to submit a map outlining the site in question.

Is there any charge for this service?

There is currently no charge for public land enquiries.


What happens if the site in question is not in Council ownership?

If the site in question is found not to be in the ownership of the Council, under Data Protection the Council cannot disclose information on the current owner.  In this instance, the enquirer should refer their query to the PRAI (Property Registration Authority) Land Registry Office / Registry of Deeds for more information.


What is the definition of Open Space Zoned Land?

• Open Spaced Zoned lands are generally lands that are permitted for use for Community Facilities, Cultural use, Open Space, Recreational Facilities/Sports Club and are Zoned ‘F’ – (To preserve and provide Open Space with Ancillary Active Recreational Amenities) as per the County Development Plan 2016-2022.
• These lands are not for sale/disposal.
• The zoning of these lands can be changed by Resolution of the Full Council as part of the making of a Development Plan (every 6 years).

Dedicated Open Space
This is when the Local Authority has land dedicated to them by Agreement, these lands are for recreational and amenity use by the public and may not be used for any other purpose.


Conditioned Public Open Space
Is a green area/open space for public use within a private development but which is maintained by the Local Authority. 


Conditioned Communal Open Space – Apartment Complexes

This is a form of conditioned open space, whereby, the open space is intended to be made available to a set group of residents only and is maintained by the Management Company.


What is a Sterilisation Order?

A sterilisation of land deals with the restricting or with regulating development of lands for an agreed period of time, usually 7 years.  Please see associated link for more information.