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Purpose of the dlr Grant Scheme

The dlr Grant Scheme provides financial assistance to individuals, groups and organisations engaged in projects, events or developments for the community and business organisations at local or county level within Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County.

The scheme funds a diverse range of initiatives from Events, Sports and Community to Arts and Business.

The grants support in achieving the Council’s commitment to Driving Quality of Life for All and Creating an Environment for Economic Growth. The aim is to ensure that the limited financial resources available are used to the maximum benefit of the DLR community at large and support in achieving the Council’s goals and objectives.

The grants range from support to local community groups in running community events, summer projects, sports activities and community development initiatives. Grants also support business groups with running business promotion events and initiatives that drive footfall and support economic growth. Events and Festival grants are available to support and promote key events or festivals throughout the County. These guidelines set out the purpose of each grant, the eligibility and award criteria.


Since 2014, the County Council has awarded over €3m in grants which help support in driving quality of life and creating an environment for economic growth. This assistance supports a broad range of activity and successful applicants are required to acknowledge the County Council’s support in publicity related to projects or initiatives that have received such support.  Further information is included on the Section of Post Award Criteria.

Avoid administrative delay and ensure you organisation is registered with the PPN now. This is a requirement for age friendly, community and environment grants). PPN Application Form

In addition to the above, the purpose of each specific grant is:

Arts Access:  Arts Access grants are available to provide financial assistance to targeted areas of the community in need of greater opportunities for artistic expression. Specifically this grant is aimed at Youth Service Providers. 

Business Area Promotion:  To support our Business Groups by providing financial support for business promotion aimed at generating footfall and sustaining business.

Community:  To provide financial support to our local Community Groups.

Winter Event / Festival:  Winter Event/Festival grants are available to support and promote local events or festivals during the 2018 festive season throughout the County.

Sports Access:  To provide financial assistance to sport and community groups and organisations to pursue opportunities to increase participation and to provide opportunities for the local community to participate in physical activity.  


Applications can be received by hand or post up until 5pm on Friday 20th April 2018.

Applications by email will be accepted up until midnight on Friday 20th April 2018 - email address is grantschemes@dlrcoco.ie