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On 13th February 2014 the result of the Dún Laoghaire Business Improvement District (BID) plebiscite was announced. The majority voted in favour of establishing a BID Company. 

The Council's role in the process is set out in statutory legislation - The Local Government (Business Improvement Districts) Act 2006 - which provides the legal mechanism for the establishment of Business Improvement Districts within the functional areas of rating authorities in Ireland. Any decision on whether a BID Scheme proceeds is ultimately a matter for the Ratepayers within the Proposed BID Area. The Council's role is to facilitate the decision making process through the holding of a plebiscite.  Should the majority of the Ratepayers within the BID area who participate in the plebiscite vote in favour of the BID Scheme, the Scheme will only come into effect after the Elected Members, by resolution, approve the Scheme. Businesses within the BID Area will then be asked to pay a levy which will be collected by the Council on behalf of the BID Company and all monies collected will be transferred by the Council to the BID Company. The monies collected are not Council Income, the income belongs to the BID Company.

The income collected by the BID Company is to fund activities/ services not provided by the Council. The legislation makes it quite clear that any activities/services cannot replace or substitute activities previously undertaken by the Council, they must be new and additional services/activities to those undertaken by the Council.