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Status: Detail Design (Part 8 approved Jan 2021)

The project comprises the development of a public square and the upgrade of a prominent lane in the heart of Dun Laoghaire town. One of the primary challenges relates to the multi-modal and multi stakeholder demands in this urban environment. The project proposes a dramatic redistribution of public realm space in favour of pedestrians and as a destination space. The space will retain access for large truck movements, albeit in a sporadic and highly controlled manner. The site has long been highlighted as a location for a public square, which the town has historically lacked. Balancing the twin demands of a pleasant, aesthetically agreeable urban environment and the functional requirements for heavy goods vehicles access is a key balancing act within the project. The safety, comfort and enjoyment of users lingering in the main space as well as pedestrians and cyclist are the key priorities which the design reflects.

Greening is also a central aspect of the project. The proposal to bring generous greening into the centre of the town was enthusiastically supported by the public during the planning process. Greening is seen as contributing functionally to the scheme through the ability of trees canopies, root systems and soft landscape areas to attenuate, intercept rainfall and surface run-off. The ability of trees to capture particulate matter as well as to absorb carbon dioxide are seen as major health benefits. The potential to provide habitat for wildlife in the centre of the town is another positive characteristic. The landmark canopy structure will act as a frame to grow climbing plants on. The design shall be innovative and unique while acknowledging the existing suite of materials that has been established in the town through recent projects.

The project aims and objectives established at the initiation of the project are as follows;

· A green destination in the core of the town that contrasts and softens the hard urban environment and where natural light can permeate through the space.

· A place that is central to the regeneration and vitality, the economic growth and development of Dun Laoghaire town.

· A respite from the bustling urban environments, where people can meet and linger peacefully and where pedestrians take priority over any vehicular movements.

· A destination which can accommodate events and seasonal displays and will draw people from the Seafront into the Town.

Enabling works comprising the sensitive removal of the buildings and the provision of a temporary square were undertaken in 2021. The detail design is on-going and works are scheduled to commence on site in mid 2022.