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Other works in the Local Area Plan excluding GDDR (Glenamuck District Distributor Road) Scheme and GLDR (Glenamuck Link Distributor Road) scheme

The proposed scheme includes for the upgrading of the Glenamuck Road / Enniskerry Road Junction, and also includes the removal of the 'pinch-point' on Glenamuck Road.  It is now intended to include these works as part of the Glenamuck District Roads Scheme (KIlternan/Glenamuck Local Area Plan Projects).

Part 8 planning approval granted at the September 2017 County Council Meeting. 

Status:  Preparation of tender documentation underway


These works will improve pedestrian and cycle facilities as well as greatly improve traffic flows through the junction, and will facilitate some interim development in the area in advance of the construction of the GDDR (Glenamuck District Distributor Road), as outlined in the Kilternan Glenamuck Local Area Plan 2013.