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Status: Detailed Design

Following the successful completion of phase 1, phase 2 of the Blackrock Park Masterplan is progressing. The proposals for phase 2 include improved connections with the town, the restoration of the kiosk (a Protected Structure) and the development of tearoom and public toilets, improved circulation network, a natural play space, etc. The original phase 2 of the Blackrock Park Masterplan comprised the development of a skills zone in a derelict area in the park. Due to the BusConnects project requiring this as a site compound until at least Q2 2025, this project has been brought into phase 3. A masterplan was developed in 2020 which included comprehensive public consultation and engagement. Details of this masterplan and the associated supporting documents can be found at the following link –

The following aims and objectives are guiding the development of phase 2;
1 Develop the facilities in partnership with key stakeholders and empower the local community to drive the project.
2 Introduce a strong connection with the town while improving access generally for all park users. 
3 Remove the redundant structures and develop high-quality inclusive facilities appropriate in a park classified as a Regional Park.
4 Faithfully restore the Protected Structure for modern use while developing a high- quality contemporary structure for tearooms and public toilets.
5 Introduce nature based solutions including additional tree canopy cover, wild areas and encourage biodiversity throughout the park. 

The phase one works included the segregated cycle and pedestrian path running through the site, improved pedestrian paths and circulation, a new entrance at Booterstown and extensive tree planting throughout.