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Every year as part of the Municipal Gallery Programme, dlr LexIcon one exhibition programme is directly linked to a specific community group or organisation. We view the Gallery as a public space with opportunties for people of all ages to become involved not only as spectators but also as participants.

Not only are there lots of opportunties to become involved in the Learning Programme, one exhibition every year is selected by or specifically aimed at people that live in work in the County.

We opened in 2014 with Soundings, a show that explored the local Dún Laoghaire maritime environment. The work was selected by artist/curator Michael McLoughlin collaborating with the local Dún Laoghaire RNLI.

In 2015 a group of older people from the County were invited to work with artist/curator Claire Halpin to select and curate an exhibition from the OPW Collection. The group met weekly to research the exhibition and also had the opportunity to visit the artworks housed in the art store of the OPW.

Curated by Claire Behan with assistance from people who live in or are connected to the Glencullen/Tibradden area Lines of Negotiation in 2016 contemplated our relationship with, and our influence within, the mountainous landscapes of Dún Laoghaire- Rathdown County. The exhibition brought together nine artists whose artworks look at ideas associated with the historical, contemporary and cultural readings of the landscape and of land use. 

SurprEYES! was an exhibition in 2017 of nearly 50 works from the collection of the Arts Council. The exhibition was selected and presented to appeal to children in particular. It was an invitation to you – whatever your age – to look with the freshness and curiosity that children bring to many experiences. It was curated by Martin Drury and linked with the dlr Primary Arts Programme. 
In September 2017 a group of women from the Women4Women Network were invited to work with artist/curator Claire Halpin to select works for exhibition from the AIB Art Collection. And the Women Voted celebrated the work of women artists from the AIB Art Collection. 
In 2019, local members from Men's Sheds worked with Orlaith Ross to select a fine craft exhibition, Taking Time: an appreciation of IrishThe group took part in a range of workshops and demonstrations, and looked to Ireland’s incredible craft heritage which has inspired new inventive craft making. This specially selected exhibition featured work from twelve Irish established and emerging craftspeople.
In 2022 we will have an exhibition made in connection with people living with Dementia.