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The Grainstore is looking for an artist(s) or organisation with experience of working collaboratively and a flexible approach towards working with young people to create new artwork. 

We are open to a broad range of artistic disciplines, including visual arts, film, animation, digital arts, performing arts, sound art. We encourage collaborative/team proposals and a multi disciplinary approach within the parameters of the budget for this commission.

The outcome of the commission must be centred in the Grainstore and there should be scope for the wider public to share in this. In addition there must be some outcome that takes place in the Studio, dlr LexIcon. The outcome of the commission should take inspiration from young people’s experience of the Grainstore. The selected artist(s) should engage directly with young people from the area. Following the selection process the Grainstore Manager will broker relationships with youth groups who may be relevant to the process. The Grainstore will provide spaces for workshops as support for the commission; days and times will be agreed with the Grainstore Manager. 

The closing date for submissions was Thursday 2 November at 5.00pm

The commission budget  is €20,000 

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