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General Information

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Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council operates and maintains cemeteries within its administrative area. Many of these cemeteries are already full and others have restrictions on the pre-purchase of burial plots i.e. graves are not available for purchase in advance of a death.

Burial Grounds Closed/In Use

 Burial Grounds in Use

 Closed Burial Grounds

 Dean’s Grange

 Bishops Lane




 Old Connaught


 Kill Abbey


 Tully Vale




 Dalkey (St. Begnet’s)

 *Graves only available to existing owners with burial rights.

Please note that neither Dean’s Grange nor Shanganagh cemeteries records are computerised and therefore in order to locate a grave the following is required:

  • 1.    Date/Year of death or burial.
  • 2.    Full name and last address of the deceased.

The Council only holds records for Dean’s Grange, Shanganagh and Kilgobbin cemeteries.


Graves are available for purchase in Shanganagh and Deansgrange Cemeteries at time of death through a Funeral Director.  Plots are selected by the Council in accordance with the next available in line. 

Shanganagh Cemetery is a relatively new cemetery and there is good capacity for burials. Plots are available in St. Helens section of Shanganagh at a cost of €2,900 each at time of death through a Funeral Director.

Deansgrange Cemetery has been a burial ground since 1865 and is at capacity.  There are therefore, only a limited number of plots available in “The Garden” at a cost of €16,000.

A summary of the revised charges applicable from 1st March 2013 is set out hereunder:  

  Cost VAT Total Cost
Grave Purchase Deansgrange €16,000.00
Grave Purchase Shanganagh €2,900.00
Interment Deansgrange €900.00
Interment Shanganagh €900.00
Ashes Interment - Deansgrange and Shanganagh €400.00
Child Interment €400.00
Cremation Plots Shanganagh €800.00
Stonemasons Annual Permit €100.00
Foundation Changes
Headstone Only €220.00
Headstone & Kerbing Single €370.00
Headstone & Kerbing Double €585.00
Kerbing where Headstone exists - Single €265.00
Kerbing where Headstone exists - Double €460.00
Single Dressing of Grave €75.00
Chippings & Covering €210.00
Sealing of Grave €355.00
Assignment of Grave €65.00
Depth Testing of Grave €140.00
Research Fee €40.00
Facilitation of Burials €75.00